Online Workshops

Next poetry workshop: Please email me at if you need more information. I don’t have a workshop running right now, but check back or email me.

How the Workshop Works:

Each week, you post a poem and receive comments from me and at least two other participants. You can respond to everyone’s poem if you want. Usually, the more responses you do, the more you’ll get. I give a thorough critique to all the poems–showing what’s working, what could use revision–and make suggestions. I also post a prompt each week, and you can either do the prompt, or post a poem you’ve already written, or post a revision from a previous week in the class. Your first poem would be something you have already written. You will have your own blog where you can discuss the various struggles and triumphs of the literary life and share what you’re reading. In my blog, I will post mini-lectures about the craft of poetry and other thoughts and information that might offer further inspiration. My goal is to help you take the next step toward writing accomplished poems.

To apply: email me at with poetry workshop in the subject heading. Send a short intro about yourself and one poem.
Student Reviews:

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several classes with Susan Browne, online and onland. She is passionate, encouraging, and honest. Her love of language is infectious and her feedback thoughtful and evocative. I am a better writer for having taken Susan’s classes. She was able to see potential in my writing even at its most pedestrian. She helped me develop my voice and gave me the confidence to offer intelligent feedback to other writers. After taking Susan’s classes I was inspired to go on to earn my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Poetry. Whether you are a veteran writer or a novice, Susan’s passion and skill will prove invaluable to your creative progress –Carrie Moniz

Susan Browne knows the spells and charms of poetry-making and generously shares her knowledge and insights. She considers each writer’s poem with serious, respectful attentiveness. She encourages clarity and depth through vivid details, surprising imagery, and rooting out dreaded cliches. Her poetry prompts engage and inspire. I highly recommend Susan’s workshop. Her love of language is a delight! –Susan Fuller, author of Portraits